Get a point value with psycopg2 and PPyGIS

Get a point value with psycopg2 and PPyGIS

I'm trying to setup a basic working postgis setup with python ppygis package.

>>> import psycopg2 >>> import ppygis >>> connection = psycopg2.connect(database='spre', user="postgres") >>> cursor = connection.cursor() >>> cursor.execute('CREATE TABLE test (geometry GEOMETRY)') >>> cursor.execute('INSERT INTO test VALUES(%s)', (ppygis.Point(1.0, 2.0),)) >>> cursor.execute('SELECT * from test') >>> point = cursor.fetchone()[0] >>> print point 0101000000000000000000F03F0000000000000040 >>>

I should have got a python object with separate X and Y coordinate. Something like

>>> Point(X: 1.0, Y: 2.0)

What am I doing wrong? I'm following

For posterity. I couldn't make it work, so to get point data this was what I did,

>>> cursor.execute('SELECT ST_AsGeoJSON(geometry) FROM test') >>> point = cursor.fetchone()[0] >>> print json.loads(point)['coordinates'] [1,2]

You have to convert your geometry column to WKT to get the point (or any geometry) as text format.

cursor.execute('SELECT ST_AsText(geometry) from test')

Probably something in ppygis is missing, because it seems like it converts the point geometry to the PostGIS ST_Geometry format but there is no function to convert it back (at least I didn't find any in the documentation).
If you use the normalSELECTstatement it returns the geometry as PostGis ST_Geometry as well and does not convert it back.cursor.fetchone()[0]is a psycopg2 function and won't convert it back to the point format.

Get a point value with psycopg2 and PPyGIS - Geographic Information Systems

County Program and Service Modifications

Contact Information

65 Church St S Concord, NC 28025

Main Office Hours

  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed

The Cabarrus County GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Department is a division of Information Technology and provides integration of GIS services (maps and geographical web applications), with County departments, governmental jurisdictions/agencies and the public.

Through interactive, data-layered maps, you can find information on properties, townships, zoning, schools, permits, services and more.

If you are looking at parcel data/plot maps and want to learn more, visit our Land Records Department.

If you are looking at address data and want to learn more, visit our Addressing Department.


The County Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).

Animal Services

Look for a lost pet and find other information about the Animal Control Department.

Assessors Office

The mission of The Assessors Office, under the direction of The Board of Assessors, is to value all real and personal property in the county at its fair market value.

Atlantic Judicial Circuit Drug Court

This page is to inform you about your Drug Court which offers proven results in reducing crime, recidivism, saving taxpayers dollars, reuniting and restoring families, and assisting a significant number of substance abuse users by providing intensive outpatient treatment to those most in need through the court process.

Building & Licensing

This Building and Licensing Office has the primary responsibility of issuing building permits and maintaining flood plain management for the unincorporated area of Liberty County as well as the municipalities of Allenhurst, Flemington, Gumbranch, Midway, Riceboro, and Walthourville.

Building Maintenance

The mission of the Liberty County Building Maintenance Department is to provide quality building maintenance services to the staff and community members who utilize the County facilities.

Clerk of Courts

Visit the Liberty County Clerk of Courts website.


The Liberty County Coroner works to provide dignity, honesty, and respect to all families that have lost a loved one. They aim to ensure that all deaths are thoroughly investigated, death certificates with cause and manner of death are signed out in a timely manner, and to work with all law enforcement agencies.

Elections & Registration

Find all of the information you need to participate in elections in Liberty County provided by the Board of Elections and Registrar.

Emergency Management

Liberty County Emergency Management Agency (LCEMA) is a coordination of the county government with the lead role in preparing for and responding to major emergencies and disasters, both natural and man-made.


Under the administration of the Chief Financial Officer, the Finance Department is responsible for the County’s financial reporting, budgeting, payroll administration, purchasing, accounts payable, billing, accounts receivable, fixed assets, grant management, and cash management.

Fire Services

Liberty County Fire Services is a combination fire department (part-time and volunteers).

Human Resources

Our goal is to attract, hire, and retain a diverse, qualified workforce. We offer our employees the opportunity to serve the community, as well as work in a professional and fulfilling environment.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Liberty County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) delivers efficient, high-quality GIS technology solutions to Liberty County agencies, the public, and our regional partners, in order to meet the needs of Liberty County government and the communities we serve. Our core value is to provide services that are accurate, consistent, accessible, affordable, and comprehensive.

Information Technology

Information Technology’s function is to enable access to information and services and support all of Liberty County's departments and agencies and contribute to an efficient and productive county government. An objective of the Information Technology department is to configure a stable and secure computing environment for the County, which will accommodate future needs and growth while minimizing acquisition, development, and operating costs.

Keep Liberty Beautiful

Keep Liberty Beautiful is an education and volunteer action program dedicated to community improvement and has been an affiliate of the national organization, Keep America Beautiful, since 1983.

Magistrate Court

The 1983 Constitution of Georgia provided for a uniform Magistrate Court System throughout the State to replace what was formally known as justice of the peace and small claims courts. These newly formed Magistrate Courts allowed ordinary citizens to represent themselves without the help of an attorney.

Mosquito Control

Liberty County Mosquito Control is committed to improving the quality of life, facilitating outdoor activities, and protecting the public health in our community by implementing environmentally-conscious practices to control mosquitoes throughout Liberty County.

Probate Court

The Probate Court handles birth/death certificate requests, marriage licenses, weapons carry licenses, and matters such as estates, guardianship, and conservatorship.

Public Safety

Learn about the Public Safety Department.

Public Safety Communications (911)

A fully consolidated, enhanced 911 (E911) center, Liberty County Public Safety Communications (LCPSC) answers and dispatches all emergency and non-emergency calls for service (law enforcement, fire, and EMS) within the County.

Road Department

The Road Department’s goal is to maintain the county roads for the citizens of Liberty County.


The Liberty County Recreation Department provides positive, meaningful and quality recreational facilities, programs, activities and services that will encourage life-long learning, fitness and fun for all those residing within Liberty County.


Sheriff Sikes’ heartfelt pledge to the citizens and residents of Liberty County is to relentlessly pursue this goal each and every day. He is committed to operating an open, fiscally responsible, service-oriented Department through 2011 and beyond.

Solid Waste

The Liberty County Solid Waste Authority provides services for businesses and residents so that you can have a single point of contact for all of your waste needs.

Tax Commissioner

Meet County Tax Commissioner Virgil M. Jones, and learn more about your taxes in Liberty County.

Water Services

Liberty County’s rural water system was established in 2015 and serves approximately 434 residents with clean affordable drinking water. Find out how to get connected and the associated fees.

GIS & Mapping

Union County developed a master plan to have a system where all county departments will have access to GIS software and data. Rather than maintaining incompatible hard copy maps, each department will be maintaining information in GIS. Once GIS has been implemented, the county offices will be able to store and manipulate information in a very efficient manner.

What types of data can I find on your maps for download?

There are many types of data including information about highways, drain basins, libraries, zip codes, polling sites and much more. Visit our links to our Downloadable GIS Data webpage or our Standard Maps page.

Can I request custom maps?

Paper or digital maps are available by request. Call 704-292-2619 or email the GIS Department at [email protected] with map requests. If the map requires creation of a new map or new data, modification of existing data or data analysis, an additional fee will be added to the cost of the map. An estimate of the amount of time and cost will be provided by a GIS staff member and agreed to by the customer before the project is started.

Completion of the map will be at the discretion of the GIS department, given that Union County staff and other government staff requests are given priority over public projects.

Payment must be made before the map is given to the customer.

The hourly rate for custom maps is $35.00, with a minimum charge of $35.00. After the first hour, time will be rounded to the half hour. In addition to the hourly rate, printing costs will apply. For details, please refer to our Custom Map Fee Schedule.

How often is GIS data updated?

  • The most current Orthophotography (geometrically corrected aerial photography) was flown in February 2015.
  • Land boundaries are updated by the Tax Assessor&rsquos Office by December 31 for the previous year.
  • The GIS & Mapping Department updates our land parcel files weekly and posts the new file to the website each weekend. This includes recorded annexations provided by the Board of Elections.

What software does the GIS department use?
The Union County GIS is currently using the Esri line of products.

What is the best way to view GoMAPS?
GoMaps 4.0 works in all modern browsers. This includes desktop and mobile Chrome and Safari as well as desktop Firefox and Internet Explorer versions 10+.

Is GoMAPS a source for legal land parcel description?
No the data on GoMAPS and in the GIS department is of map quality and does not replace a survey. The GIS data is collected only for tax purposes. For a copy of deeds and recorded surveys, please visit the Register of Deeds.

Who should I contact if I know of an error in land parcel data?
Land boundaries are updated by the Tax Assessor&rsquos Office.

Why can&rsquot I buy/download utility data?
Utility data is protected under general statute and cannot be distributed in digital format. Contact Luke Fawcett for utility data in print format.

Where can I get information about the Monroe Bypass?
For information, contact the NC Turnpike Authority

Disclaimer – please read before downloading data or maps

The purpose of the Union County GIS Parcel Access program is to provide data containing geographic information about Union County. In the preparation of this data, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct and clearly expressed information possible. However, inadvertent errors can occur and information placed on the data is not intended to replace any official source.

This information is presented "as is" and without warranties, either expressed or implied. Users are advised that their use of any County online application is at their own risk. Union County assumes no responsibility for any decision made or any actions taken by the user based upon information obtained from this website.

The user agrees that Union County shall be held harmless from all actions, claims, damages or judgments arising from the use of Union County data obtained from this website. Certain data on this website is maintained by third parties over whom Union County has no control. As such, Union County makes no representation as to the accuracy, appropriateness or any other aspect of the information contained in the data.


19 Million Property Records

From over 600 local government organizations. Property data is routinely updated, usually daily, from each jurisdiction's source data systems.

Comparables Search

Perform advanced searching of properties within each jurisdiction based on multiple assessment attributes (e.g. Year Built, # of Bedrooms, ASsessed Value, Sales Price, Occupancy, Style, Tax District).

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Beacon and's GIS based framework allows users to visualize and navigate data in an intuitive map interface. Users may explore multiple layers of data resources from local government entities in these portals.

Disclaimer: Map graphic and text data in a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) are representations or copies of original data sources, and are provided to users as is with no expressed or implied warranty of accuracy, quality, or completeness for any specific purpose or use. These data do not replace or modify site surveys, deeds and other conveyances original and as built engineering plans and other drawings and/ or legal documents that establish land ownership, land use, or on-site structure location. Please contact your local officials for additional information regarding specific data sets.

….Geographical Information Systems…

“A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing things that exist and events that happen on earth. GIS technology integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps.”

DimensionI is an offshore value added service provider! It specialises in undertaking GIS contracting services like GIS conversion, GIS Mapping, Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Rectification of Orthophotographs, Application Development, Conversion of manual maps to GIS etc…

Ranking the Best Online GIS Certificate Programs 2021

#1. California State University Fullerton

First on our list of online GIS certificate programs, California State University at Fullerton offers a fully online GIS certificate that can be earned in just eight months. The program features courses like introduction to GIS, GIS data and formats, GIS analysis and map design, and GIS project. The GIS online program opens up career paths like GIS technician, GIS specialist, and GIS analyst. (This last one is available once you gain experience and take an exam to become a certified GIS professional).

#2. Michigan State University

Michigan State University’s GIS online program has six start dates throughout the year, meaning you’re never more than a couple of months from being able to start your classes. Each of the four classes are delivered in 7-week sessions, and the certificate can be earned in just one semester if you take a full course load. The classes are introduction to geospatial technology, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and cartography.

#3. South Dakota State University

Graduates from the South Dakota State University online geographic information sciences certificate program will find opportunities to work for private companies and federal and state governments in jobs like GIS analyst, regional planner, and cartographer. The GIS online program is 12 credits and features courses like data creation and integration, vector and raster modeling, advanced cartography, remote sensing, and quantitative remote sensing. All of the courses have a lab component.

#4. College of Western Idaho

This program is a little more expensive than the ones above, but that’s partially because it requires more credits. At 18 credits it will take a little longer to complete. The certificate can be earned over the course of a year and a half taking six credits per semester. Courses include python scripting for GIS cartography, mapping and spatial thinking and spatial analysis with GIS.

#5. Utah State University

Coming in at #5 on our list of online GIS certificate programs, Utah State University offers an affordable GIS online graduate certificate. Courses include geographic information systems for natural resource applications, advanced geographic information systems, principles of remote sensing for natural resources, and geospatial analysis. This certificate is designed to be complementary to a number of different graduate degrees and the credits from this certificate can be applied to a number of graduate programs.

#6. Ohio University

The online GIS certificate program offered by Ohio University can be started at the beginning of any school term. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and submit a resume. Students will take courses like cartography I and II, and principles of GIS. The program is designed to help some of the nearly 700,000 workers in the geospatial industry develop advanced competency with geospatial hardware and software.

#7. Park University

Park University offers the GIS certificate online or in a traditional classroom setting. Students in the online GIS certificate program will take courses like spatial analysis, cartography, remote sensing, GIS I, and GIS II. Graduates from this GIS online program have worked in fields like natural sciences, social sciences, business, and federal, state, and local government.

#8. University of Florida

The fully online GIS certificate program at the University of Florida can be completed in 12-15 months. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree, submit a resume, and have a 3.0 GPA. Students will take courses like planning information systems, web mapping and visualization, automation for geospatial modeling and analysis, urban spatial analysis, and geospatial visualization.

#9. University of Colorado

It’s important to note that if you plan to earn your GIS certificate online at the University of Colorado you will need to meet the course prerequisites for all courses offered in the certificate program. You will take courses like intro to GIS, GIS spatial database development, GIS project management, relational databases, advanced remote sensing, and interactive web mapping for GIS.

#10. University of Wisconsin-Madison

This online GIS certificate program is designed for students who want to switch careers, move into a higher paying field, increase their value to their current employer, or apply the techniques and methods of GIS to their current work. While students in this capstone program may transfer the credits into a graduate degree at a later date, they cannot simultaneously be enrolled in this capstone program and a graduate degree program at the University of Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Geographic Information System?

Geographic information systems are an essential part of understanding the world in which we live. They are a powerful tool that allows us to record and reference vast amounts of information about the geography of our planet. They are essential in the fields of earth sciences, biology, and resource management just to name a few. The complex and thorough data stored in geographic information systems allows professionals in these fields to make projections about everything from pollution to the likely locations of rare plants. Geographic information systems can be used to record everything from the locations from which scientific samples were taken, to where all the manhole covers are located in a given city. One basic example of a geographic information system you might use regularly is an ATM locator on your bank’s website or on their mobile app. GIS are also often used to create custom maps for researchers, city planners, and scientists looking to study specific subjects. Maps can be either general or highly specific.

Needless to say, this is an essential field that promises to grow in importance as the United States prepares to take on massive infrastructure projects. Geographic information systems will be an essential tool for planning and executing infrastructure projects. For instance, if one wished to create a public works project to renovate bridges in need of repair, one could create a map with all the nation’s bridges included, sortable by their current condition and their maintenance history, and maybe even traffic flow reports, and then use that map to set priorities for which bridges to work on at each different point in the project.

Is this a promising career choice?

The GIS Institute estimates that there are 675,000 geospatial professionals employed in the United States currently. Most (56%) work in government on some level. There are a wide variety of jobs available within the GIS field. If you prefer to work indoors analyzing data and putting together information and maps for a variety of purposes then there are jobs for you in the industry. If you want to get outside and see the world and explore, tracking wildlife and natural phenomena, then there are jobs for you too! Maybe you’re not that interested in the countryside or the wilds but instead have a passion for infrastructure. In that case, you should explore your options in the career of urban planning. These skills will give you the ability to make a difference in the world through your career.

These GIS certificate programs online are incredibly affordable! But they still cost a lot of money. Any tips for funding them?

Yes! First, if you are already working in a related career, check with your employer about professional development funds. These funds are often overlooked and can be a great way to pay for some or even all of your continuing education on your employer’s dime!

Depending on when you are taking the courses for the certificate, you maybe be able to simply pay for them with your regular college financial aid. If you are just taking a certificate program, however, financial aid may be more limited, though there should be some available. I would ask the university you’re planning to attend about financial aid options for students in GIS certificate programs online.

Of course, you can also take out student loans. Though, as you might imagine, it’s generally better to minimize the amount of student debt you accrue. And honestly, some of these GIS online programs are so cheap you can probably just take a year and save up the money to pay out of pocket if none of these other options work out for you.

Should I look at GIS certificates online at the undergraduate or graduate level?

This depends on your level of familiarity with the field. If you aren’t directly familiar with GIS, it would be better to earn the undergraduate certificate first. This will provide you with the fundamental skills you can then build on through the experience you gain working or further education. However, if you work in the field and have some familiarity with the fundamental technologies and practices of GIS, and you already have your bachelor’s degree, then the graduate certificate is a great choice!

Get a point value with psycopg2 and PPyGIS - Geographic Information Systems

  • Administration
  • Appraisal
  • Manufactured Home Ownership Transfers
  • Business Personal Property
  • Cartography

Services and duties include:

  • Locate and identify all taxable property
  • Inventory all property including quality, quantity and important characteristics
  • Estimate the market value of each taxable property
  • Answer appeals and explain the assessment process used
  • Administer all special assessment statutes relating to certain classes of property
  • Calculate the tax rate and compute each tax bill
  • Prepare the assessment roll
  • Prepare and maintain cadastral maps
  • Maintain property ownership records
  • Perform manufactured home title transfers

The majority of services & duties of the Assessor's Office are mandated by Oregon statutes .
The phrase "assessor shall"indicates a mandate "assessor may" allows discretion.
The phrase "assessor shall" occurs approximately 250 times,
while "assessor may"occurs approximately 30 times in Oregon statutes .