Crust index in Erdas Imagine

Crust index in Erdas Imagine

hey people, i have the trouble with CI index in Erdas, when i am useing the image from landsat 5 tm with atmospheric correction it gives me the whole white picture in the results,

the formula CI=1-((red-blue)/(red+blue)) also i tryed to change R band with NIR, but… does not work at all

when i tryed to insert in the model the bands seperately the reslusts are the same, just white pic,

can anyone help with this type of issue?

I don't use ERDAS, but am guessing it might expect values in the range 0… 255 or the range 0… 1 rather than 0… 2. You might therefore need to multiply your CI by 128 or by 1/2 in order to view the result.

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