Labeling features and converting them to annotations with ArcPy?

Labeling features and converting them to annotations with ArcPy?

how could I do the following steps with arcpy:

  1. right-click on the layer with the features
  2. Label Features
  3. Convert Labels to Annotations…

The annotions should be saved in a new shapefile.

How could I do this in python?

You can use the Tiled Labels To Annotation Geoprocessing tool.

import arcpy # Settings scale = "30000" folder = "D:TempLBL.gdb" arcpy.env.workspace = folder # Mapdocument map = r"D:TempMAP-LBL.mxd" # Local variables: dataFrame = "Layer" grid = "Grid" group = "Group" suffix = "Anno" fid = "tile" link = "STANDARD" # not linked = "STANDARD" / linked = "FEATURE_LINKED" unplace = "GENERATE_UNPLACED_ANNOTATION" # Process: Tiled Labels To Annotation arcpy.TiledLabelsToAnnotation_cartography(map, dataFrame, grid, folder, group, suffix, scale, "", fid, "", "", link, unplace)

Below is a similar question to yours that was answered on this site.

Creating labels based on attribute field in shapefile with Arcpy?

You can enable labels through use of the LabelClass class in arcpy's mapping module, but I am not aware of a method for creating annotations in python. Hopefully this will be added as ESRI continues to improve arcpy functionality and integration.

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