Speed of people measured by gps

Speed of people measured by gps

I was tracking tourist's movement patterns in a city with GPS and I would like to know the speed of all participants (60). The data were recorded and saved in gpx files, so in order to open it and work with it in QGIS, I converted the tracks from gpx to KML and SHP. I would like to know the speed of participants, but the only data I have is a track with points without any information about their speed. I was wondering if there is a program that could calculate and vizualize the speeds.

Get the track and trackpoints by dragging the GPX file into QGIS. But the time seems wrong. It takes 5 second to walk minimum 48 meters? Shown with the two selected points of the first GPX file.

How to get to the map image:

  • Open the GPX file in QGIS. Drag it to the map or use the Add Vector Layer button.
  • Turn off visibility of non track layers. Keeping the track_points and tracks.
  • Label the track_points layer with the expression: right(time,8)